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Wedding Trend Wednesday- Family Style Dinner
Wedding Trends Wednesday-Brunch Weddings


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Come Join Us!

What better way to introduce ourselves to the Glendale Neighborhood than with an Open House?
We will be hosting an Open House & Fall Festival at our new Café inside the Glendale Municipal Airport. We will feature Complimentary Menu Samples, Live Music & Family Friendly Activities!

We hope to see some familiar faces and look forward to meeting new customers!

More info? Call us at 623.872.6420

Wedding Trend Wednesday- Family Style Dinner

Today's trend topic has to do with the way your reception meal is served. As you may know, there are many options. Some caters offer Buffet style, Served Dinners, food stations...etc. One of my favorite ways to serve you and your guests is Family Style. This trend seems to be growing and is even venturing out of it's authentic Italian roots.

Who: A Family Style Dinner is often times reserved for groups of 100 or less and usually when a large portion of your guest list is family. Also, family style dinners are especially popular when your menu features mainly Italian Cuisine.

Wedding Trends Wednesday-Brunch Weddings

I believe it's time we get this blog started! We'd love the chance to let our clients get to know us a little better &  our blog is the perfect platform to grow our relationships with past, present & future clients. I'm excited for this!

Every Wednesday we will discuss a different wedding trend. Today we're going to feature Brunch Weddings and their growing Popularity. We'll start with the basics.

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Who: A  Brunch wedding may not be for everyone; however there are many reasons why it might be just the thing for YOU!